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Secrets for Cleaning Tile Properly

Posted by on Dec 18, 2014 in Cleaning Tile | 0 comments

The moment you install tiles on your floor, you need commitment to make them look like new always. Or else they would simply start losing their glamour and your rooms would look pale. However, if you take good care of them they would pay you off greatly as they are long lasting and has great style too. Even Real Estate specialists also agree to the point that tiles enhances the beauty of any room in comparison to any other flooring materials. For cleaning tile you must follow a regular routine so that they do not get stained.

Secrets behind tiles cleaning

As already discussed tiles are smart looking items on your floor. Hence you must apply such techniques for cleaning them which you can do often and can easily manage at home. Some of the secrets are

  • Use powdered oxygen bleach that is easy and non toxic item for cleaning tiles. These bleach releases oxygen ions that help in breaking down the soils and bleaching the stain. Hence, the dirt is washed away with minimal scrubbing. If you have little children at your home or even pet, this environment friendly bleach is good as they are non-toxic too. For using it mix the powdered oxygen bleach with Luke warm water and then pour the solution over the floor. Leave it there for 15 minutes. Then you can find that the stains from spills or other items are getting removed easily without much effort. If required you may also scrub.
  • Another secret to keep your tiles clean is by scrubbing the tiles with cloth dipped in plain water regularly. It does not allow the stains to get in and stay there for long and if regular care is taken the shine and luster of the tiles remains the same for longer period.
  • Even rubbing the tiles regularly with a solution of shampoo and water is also useful in keeping the tiles clean. After wiping the floor with the shampoo solution. Wipe it again with plain water to get clean tiles easily.

Secrets for maintain the tiles

You may be looking for cleaning tile, but if you maintain them properly, then it would not be a problem for keeping the tiles look like new. Just follow the following tips to keep the tiles just like new

  • Never apply chlorine bleach on the tiles. Although bleach cleans the tiles and make them whiter, still they have bad affects too. Not only on tiles but also on your children and pets. Try to avoid them as much as possible.
  • Bathroom tiles have stain of water on them; hence, apply the solution mentioned earlier for sometime on them so that they are cleared easily.
  • Best way to keep your tiles clean is by following the cleaning manual every day. It keeps them clean and germ free too.

Whatever is the type of tiles, you must take regular care for keeping them clean so that they keep on enhancing the beauty of your home.

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