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The carpets cannot be left squalid and filthy as this can have an impact on the health of your family. The carpets are made of expensive fabric materials like synthetic fiber, woolen, hence are a major investment for your home. The hard surfaced tiles can be imagined to be scrubbed and brushed to make it look shinier and clean with no stains, spill and filth. However, the same treatment of carbonated cleaning or theoretically called dry cleaning on carpets can render an opposite impact. The soft carpet material can lose their sheen and continuous application of this method will ruin the material over a period of time making it look old, dilapidated.

Superficial maintenance not enough

6 There are a few dos and don’ts one needs to be aware of when it comes to maintenance measures for your treasured carpets. Certain measures like not wearing shoes and walking on the carpets will reduce your cleaning hassles with less stains, however certain stains and spills are impractical to control. Hence, there are many ways which have been nurtured from over a period of time each having advantages and disadvantages. Many people are just concerned with lateral looks of the carpet. If the carpet looks clean apparently, they are happy, but however they are unaware of in growth and multiplication of the bacterial invasion in the deepest layers of the carpet which can be a reason for the spread of diseases and health issues in long run.

Scrubbing- a big no!

Many times it is found carbonated cleaning methods are devoid of all common sense usage. People do not understand that the usage of rotational stiff scrub machines like oscillators with wet and dry pads attached in carbonated carpet cleaning methods create a lot of pressure on your tantalizing carpet material, its color, etc. These are used to scrub the hard chemicals, imagining that they will percolate within the carpet which is not a case at most times. Also, many people fail to understand the harsh impact of pressure ordained on the carpet fiber by these rough scrubs creating coarseness in the carpet material in the long run and reduced PH levels. Also, it is evident that ordinary detergents will not suit all carpet materials as detergents constituting alkaline can only be used on synthetic carpets and the ones which are acidic can be soaked only in woolen carpets. Thus, the improper choice of ordinary detergents used in this method can be detrimental and can shorten the lifespan of your carpets.

Carpets can be subjected to much better steam cleaning methods which are much gentle and are actually effective in extricating the dirt, bacteria from inner roots of it. This will also lengthen the life span of carpets. Also, there is a danger on the chemical residues being left in piles unattended and dried making the atmosphere toxic, repeatedly soiled and dangerous for the kids, pets and your family. Also, drying ordeals always are there in this method. So, be careful while you are cleaning your carpet next time!

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