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Our carpets need annual care and pampering and deep cleaning is one of the most effectual techniques among them. There is a plethora of ways to cleanse carpets– the good, old dry shampoo, steam cleaning, bonnet cleaning and so on. But most of us want something which will click once and for all and will save us from spending unnecessary time, money and effort.

If you go into Google and search for the term ‘the best way to clean your carpet’, you shall be overwhelmed with the results. Though each technique has its own pros and cons, deep cleaning for carpet is unanimously voted as one of the most suitable methods, when it comes to nurturing that precious carpet that cost you a mini fortune or even the cheaper one that you got from the sale.

Why deep cleansing your carpet by yourself is better than hiring professionals?

You – the owner of the home, should be the one who will decide when to clean it (after all it’s not rocket science!), how to clean it and which method to adopt that will not hamper your monthly budget. There is no doubt that a professional carpet cleaning agency will have various cleansing agents, machine and experts at its disposal, the fees they will ask can tamper with your pre-set monthly expenditure.


Not only that, an expert cleaning agency will use too much chemicals and injecting them on your carpet can weaken its fiber. With deep cleaning, you need cleansing agents and boiling water, but then it shall be up to you which of the agents you will choose that have mild yet deep cleaning effect on your carpet. The internet (or the housekeeping magazines) is full of information about multiple brands. You can find their ingredients and if you have any doubt, you can contact to the customer support.

But before you delve into buying a deep cleansing machine, you need to figure out – whether you want to scrub your carpet once in a year or in 18 months. There are multiple factors to decide it-

  • The nature of your carpet- whether it’s a high pile or low pile also dictates the frequency.
  • How many inhabitants are there in your home that will tread upon the carpet?
  • The activities that get done on the surface of the carpet ranging from- playing board games, lying down or cuddling with your dog.

What to look for in a deep cleansing machine?

  • The performance

A deep cleansing machine must score high in terms of number of brushes, suction and agitation.

  • The Design

If you have a small house-hold, low-pile carpet and need to clean it for occasional spilling, then a lightweight machine will do. If you wipe your carpet annually, then powerful machine with longer chord is highly required.

  • The Accessories

On-board tools, air-drying system, rotational brushes- these are few must-to-have accessories that an ideal deep cleansing must possess.

Deep cleaning is harmless yet highly penetrating. Even if you have any doubts on investing                  upon a quality machine, throw it away. A deep cleansing machine is worth-the-money.

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