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While wood floors are pretty amazing, many people also love the comfort and warmth that carpeting gives a home. If your home has carpeting, then you probably are aware of how dirty and grimy carpeting can get, especially in the long run. If your home carpeting is looking less than stellar, then a bit of carpet care can easily remedy the problem. To ensure that you make the most of your time cleaning your carpet, below is a quick guide about caring for your carpet. Taking into account the tips below can help your carpet regain the beauty it once had when you first bought it.

Keep Rules in Place

1First and foremost, if your carpet is relatively new or if you just had a professional carpet cleaning completed, then instilling a no-shoe rule can easily ensure that your carpet remains clean in the long term. If you need shoes in your home, then to avoid grime getting on your carpet, it is advisable that you place heavy-duty shoe mats outside of your doors. This way, those who enter your home can wipe their shoes on the mat before wiping them on your clean carpets.

The Key to Spot Cleaning

Even if you place a no-shoe rule in your home, your carpets are bound to encounter some sort of problem. One common problem that plagues nearly all carpet owners are stains. Stains can be from food, arts and crafts, or other activities. The key to getting a stain out is to not let it soak into your carpet in the first place. When you first notice the stain, you want to take action by using a cloth with soap and warm water to blot the area of the stain. Do not scrub, all you need to do is simply pat down with the heel of your hand. If the stain will not relent, you may need a wet-dry vacuum and a professional to get it out.

Small Carpets

If you are able to remove your carpet from your home to clean it, then it is advisable that you do so. Vacuums sometimes are unable to truly get the dust that is trapped within the carpet out. Therefore, the best solution is to roll up your carpet and let it air outside for a short period of time. This will remove the dust and freshen up the carpet.

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